Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes for Weddings in Nigeria

Marriage is an honorable thing and I know we Nigerians love weddings and look forward to it a lot.

When it comes to cake making and designs, Nigerians are really trying and a lot of Nigerian cake bakers out there are doing exceptionally well. If you are planning your wedding and you are in need of Traditional Wedding cakes Ideas, we have collected a few Nigerian Traditional Wedding cakes for you and we hope you love them.

Below are Yoruba Traditional Wedding cakes, Igbo Traditional Wedding cakes and Hausa traditional Wedding cakes. Look through the collection and we know you will love the cakes.

As always, if you see any cake you like, Kindly use the contact form to reach us and we will be glad to work with you to make your Traditional Wedding Cake of Good quality.

 Here are Some Awesome Traditional Wedding Cakes for Nigerian Weddings

traditional wedding cakes in nigeria
Top image by Dotun Ayodeji Photography, Bottom Image Dainty Affairs Bakery, Lagos, Nigeria

traditional wedding cake pictures in nigeria
Image culled from Sugar Weddings


wedding cakes in nigeria

nigerian traditional wedding cakes engagement traditional wedding cake

Headgear Inspired Wedding Cakes

These cakes have just the headgears of the couple’s tribe on them. Below are gele and fila cakes for Yoruba traditional weddings.
wedding cake for engagement nigeria

yoruba traditional wedding cake nigeria

wedding cake in nigeria

Kolanut and Gourd Inspired Wedding Cakes

Gourds and kolanuts are an important part of the Igbo culture, so many of their cakes are created to reflect this.

wedding cake pictures in nigeria
traditional cakes nigeria

traditional wedding cake nigeria

wedding cake nigeria drum

traditional wedding cake suitcases

suitcase traditional nigeria wedding cake

cakes for traditional wedding

cakes for nigerian engagement ceremony

cakes for nigerian weddings
traditional wedding cakes for nigerian engagement

wedding cakes for engagement ceremony in nigeria

wedding cakes nigerian wedding

traditional cakes engagement ceremony

african wedding cake

I hope you love these cakes, feel free to drop us a comment about these cakes using the comment form below.

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